Paint Protection and Car Detailing

What are the BENEFITS of using TOUGHSEAL

Long-lasting showroom shine. Toughseal will keep new vehicles looking new and releases the full potential of older vehicles. Perfect solution for all paint types whether solid, metallic or pearlescent. This paint protection method allows quick and easy cleaning with the added benefit of eliminating car wash damage.

Requires no more waxing, NEVER WAX AGAIN!

Increases re-sale value When the time comes to sell, you'll be glad you chose Toughseal - its protective qualities maximise your car's resale value. Less maintenance - Simply washing with our Wash & Gloss shampoo will make your paintwork shine like new. Drag efficiency - The high gloss finish reduces drag and increases your vehicle's aerodynamic efficiency.

Paintwork Guarantee with every order.

The revolutionary paint, vinyl, leather & fabric protection system. Toughseal Paint Protection systems are a unique NanoTech Acryloplexin cross-linking acrylic formulation using durable PTFE suspended in the formula. Our Paint Protection chemically bonds to all painted surfaces by using the elastisity of a hydrophobic film that acts as a barrier between the car paint and the destructive elements your vehicle faces every day including Ultra Violet fading, Acid Rain Etching, Bird Lime, Road Salts, Nasty wash chemicals and many more. As part of the Eurochem Group based in the United Kingdom we are committed to providing ongoing research and development to our range of paint protection products, giving you our customers piece of mind when purchasing a new car.

Toughseal is a new complete protection package for the exterior and interior of cars, boats, caravans and aircraft. This revolutionary Acrylic-8% P.T.F.E Sealant is proven to protect modern-day [water-based] paintwork for up to five years, from everyday harmful elements, such as Ultra Violet Rays, Oxidation, Bird Droppings, Acid Rain, Fading and Diesel Fumes year after year. There is no need to wax again.

Once the paintwork has been treated, you can then apply the same high quality finish inside the vehicle using the Vinyl & Leather Protector and the Fabric Protector. For long-lasting results, use the Dry Wash & Shine and the Wash & Gloss which are also included in the pack.

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The Benefits of Toughseal Electronic Rust Protection

Here are a few good reasons why Toughseal Electronic Rust Protection should be 1st choice.

  • The latest state of the art Computerised Capacitive Coupling Technology.
  • The only Technology that has had a proven performance on motor vehicles since the mid 80's.
  • The only system that is fully computerised and programmable.
  • The only system that self diagnoses for any possible faults and resets after fault is rectified.
  • Does not void manufacturers new car warranties.
  • Will not interfere with on-board computers, electronics or radio equipment.
  • Will not drain vehicles battery, uses less than 30 milliamps of power.
  • Enviromentally safe, no toxic chemicals or sprays.
  • Gets to and protects parts that other Rustproofing methods can not get to.
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle and can therefore save you money.
  • Can increase the resale value of your vehicle.
  • Helps stop paint oxidizing, keeps vehicle paint looking like new.
  • Prevents rust damage on stone chips and scratches, etc.
  • Has proven to reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of vehicles in some of our most harsh conditions.
  • Systems available for all types of vehicles (not just one size fits all).
  • When correctly fitted will stop or slow existing corrosion.
  • Helps protect bolt on accessories such as bull bars and side steps.
  • Australia wide distribution and service centres plus free call help line.
  • Backed by a written corrosion warranty for all non-commercial vehicles under 10 years old.

Solartint Hornsby is an approved applicator of ToughSeal